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Functional design

The Harmony Corner is the perfect offer both for young persons and families who value comfort, peace and space. The investment is located in picturesque Białołęka – an extremely charming district of Warsaw, undergoing particularly dynamic development. Continuously expanded infrastructure and public transport provide comfort and independence.

The first stage includes two three-story buildings, in which a total of 60 flats have been designed. At the second stage, a total of 276 flats will be provided in seven four-story buildings. As part of the first stage, three buildings with 96 flats are offered for sale. For the residents’ convenience, a separate commercial space has been designed, housing four commercial units.

Housing program

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1 and 4 rooms

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33 to 107 sqm

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Comfy space

The apartments will be adapted to the needs of their future owners by offering various areas and layouts. Removing some walls will give those who value space the ability to grant their home a more spacious look. This will allow to freely re-arrange the space to fully suit the taste and needs of the buyer.

Apartments in each floor will feature spacious balconies. Apart from creating additional space for the residents, the balconies will make the minimalist design of the building envelope look lighter. This will underline the individual character of Harmony Corner.


Comfort and accessibility

Harmony Corner will be located in Płochocińska 101 street, where you will mostly find single-family houses and green areas. Within a three minutes’ walk from the investment, there is a grocery store – perfect for your daily shopping. Within a few kilometers, the residents will also have access to discount store chains, a gas station and a cake shop. You will also find a post office, a drugstore and a medical center nearby.

Residents of the Harmony Corner will also have access to local restaurants. Optimized development of the area surrounding the residential buildings will allow to spend time on interesting leisure activities – both for adults and children, as well as our four-legged friends.


Entertainment and education within your reach

The Harmony Corner is being built at a location convenient for families with children. There are as many as three kindergartens, a primary school and a high school nearby. Next to the residential buildings, there are also several bus stops that will facilitate access to schools located in other parts of the city.

The investment’s location will allow its residents to frequently visit the Białołęka Culture Center and a popular cinema. For the youth, bursting with energy, there is also an aquapark – no more than a few minutes’ drive away. A broad range of attractions, both for the youngest and the older residents, is within a few minutes’ walk.


The center of an idyllic life in the capital city

A great advantage of the apartments in the Harmony Corner is being close to nature. Within two minute’ walk, you can reach the Żerański Channel. A pathway runs along the channel, perfect for recreational cycling and peaceful Sunday walks. Spanning over 9 kilometers, this picturesque route is the longest path in this part of Warsaw. After as little as just a few minutes by car, you can relax at the Zegrzyńskie Lake or in the Łęgi Czarnej Strugi natural reserve.




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Warszawa, ul. Płochocińska

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